Jill's Journal: Comedy on the radio and Wall Drug donuts

Jill Meier, Journal editor

I took a cross-state road trip to Deadwood last week, and to fill the mindless hours on the road from here to there, I decided to give the comedy channels available through Sirius radio some listening time.

For five-plus hours, I laughed out loud. 

That, of course, made me wonder if the other drivers out there thought they were traveling in the same direction what they may have classified me as: a crazy woman behind the wheel laughing to herself – and not at herself.

I heard the antics of many comedian, from George Carlin to Ray Romano to Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy to the late Robin Williams and Dean Martin.

My ears were also tainted by some really crude comedians, and when it got a little too raw for this gal, I simply let my mind wander to other thoughts.

Like many of you, I have a hard time remembering every joke. And with five hours-plus of laugh-out-loud moments, there were simply too many punchlines to memorize.

On my return to Brandon Saturday, I decided another round with the radio jokesters was just what the doctor ordered. As the Readers’ Digest plugged, “Laughter is the best medicine!” And if that’s the case, I shouldn’t be sick for a very, very long time.

On my road trip back to Brandon, I also decided to make a pit stop at Wall Drug for some of their famed donuts. (If you’ve never tried them, I encourage you to hit the road.) With intentions to share the sugary goodness with friends, I put the boxes – yes, boxes – of donuts on the passenger seat. And for the next four hours or so, they rode shotgun.

I was tempted for miles to dig into the donuts. But I didn’t. I’d had an ample breakfast that morning at the newspaper convention, and I decided that willpower would get me through the next 300 or so miles that I had yet to go.

I made it all the way back to Brandon without even a nibbling of the prized cakes, but after hours and hours of laugh-out-loud exercise – yes, laughing does burn calories – I threw my willpower out the window and a donut in my mouth.


Good luck to our BV Lynx!

This weekend, four more of Brandon Valley’s fall sports teams – competitive cheer and dance and girls’ and boys’ cross country – will take aim at their respective state hardware. And Thursday night, the Lynx football team takes on their biggest opponent to date, the Harrisburg Tigers.  If you remember, the last time BV and Harrisburg met up, it was on the turf of the DakotaDome in November of 2020, where the Lynx tamed the Tigers to win the 11AAA state title.

Each one of these teams has what it takes to rise to the top, and I’m excited to be on the sidelines for all of the action. I hope you’ll join me!


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