The Work of Moving

Jill Meier, Journal Editor

I’m not much of a mover.

Just as my folks did, I tend to stay in the places I’ve lived in for years. But 2023 is the year that I’ll be making a move.

I’m not going far, basically to the other side of the block that I currently live on.

It’s essentially the same moving path that my parents did after moving our family to St. James, Minn., in 1966. Prior to that, we lived in Westbrook and Le Sueur, Minn., until my dad’s work brought us to St. James. Our first home there was a two-story, three-bedroom rental, where we lived for 10 years until mom and dad had a new home built on the empty block directly south of the renter. Next, they moved to their final destination to a home on the block north.

It’s fair to say they liked the neighborhood.

As I inch closer to my sixth decade of life, my move will be gaining me additional square footage. I know that it’s the opposite of down-sizing. But I have stuff. And lots of it. I am, however, going through boxes and drawers and cabinets and closets, only to find things that haven’t seen the light of day in years.

I’m keeping some, tossing others, considering some things for a rummage sale and creating a pile to donate. Let’s just say, that pile is growing by the day.

As I sort through years of stuff I’ve tucked away in closets, boxes, drawers and cabinets, as one would expect, there are memories that go with everything I touch. I’ve enjoyed remembering where it came from or who gifted it to me, why I needed it or why I thought I needed it. And in the blink of an eye, I find myself tossing it into a garbage bag.

Moving is a big job, no matter if you’ve lived there for a year or 10 or 17 or 50. 

There’s also a good feeling that comes with purging, and with more boxes and cabinets, drawers and closets yet to go, my journey down memory lane is just getting started.

Stay tuned, I have little doubt there’s more to this story to come in the weeks leading up to the move in February. Oh, and if you happen have a passion for cleaning, well, have I got a deal for you ...



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