Jill's Journal: 'We had snow like this when I was a kid ...'

Jill Meier, Journal editor

For obvious reasons, in recent weeks, we’ve all been doing a lot of talking about snow. With every inch, it seems, so does the talk.

Crazily so, I’ve also found myself saying things like, ‘We had snow like this when I was a kid.’ 

And we played in it, whether my friend Trish and I were making snow forts nestled in the tree line in the corner of Johnson’s backyard. The trees provided stability for the fort, and snow plow usually left plenty of the white stuff on the curb for us to build our forts.

We also dug out mazes in Curry’s backyard for games of “Fox and Goose,” which essentially is like tag, only played within the maze.

The closest sledding hill was at Armstrong School, where kids from neighborhoods around swarmed to with their plastic saucers and sleds or went a block further to the eastside skating rink. I’ll admit I was a terrible ice skater, and actually spent more time inside the warming house with the man who kept tabs on us and sold Tootsie Rolls for a penny apiece than I did on the ice.

I’m still a bad skater, and I haven’t climbed to the top of a hill to slide on down in it decades. But like kids today, I relished in hearing the announcement that our school was closed for the day all in the name of ‘We had snow like this when I was a kid.’

If it only worked for work.


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