The Absent Uncle: Tanned feet

D.C. Schultz, guest columnist

I was looking down at my feet this morning and recognized something that made me feel great.

The Absent Uncle and my very significant other had returned from Cabo San Lucas on Thursday of last week after a wonderful two-week holiday.

My feet were tanned!

Over the years we have been going to Cabo I have not been a great protector of my skin. A burned face, nose, and arms – red the first week, and peeling the second week were my norm.

Always painful and a bit embarrassing given the technology (sunscreen qualifies as technology) there really was no reason for the burn. Also given the risk for skin cancer I really had no excuse for not using any protection.  

So, in my 70th year, I decided to be methodical about sun exposure and protection of my skin. Every morning, prior to heading to the beach I slathered on the choice of my wife for sunscreen protection. Forehead, cheeks, nose, shoulders and legs. I didn’t miss a day.

I sort of looked like a ghost until the chosen brand soaked in and became invisible. I only had a small spot on my nose that somehow escaped protection.

But amazingly – I never applied the sunscreen to my feet – and they are more tanned than I have ever seen them. Almost hate to put socks or shoes on to cover that tanned look. So, what to think. Feet in the sand helped with coverage (dust or whatever), dumb luck or just good fortune.

Either way – sort of looking for an endorsement package from the sunscreen product of choice this year. Chances of that are probably very slim. But looking down – my feet are tanned!


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